This app can help you find charging locations nearby or at a destination of your choice. On the main search page you will see the main search options:

Find Near Me. Use to search nearby using your current position.

Settings. Use to change preferences and search filters.

Search by (well known) place name. You should include a country when searching as place names are matched globally.

Switch to List view. Only shown on small displays.

Switch to Map view. Only shown on small displays.


You can use Settings to switch the Map view from Roads to Satellite via etc, you can also choose to have the Map search results update as your GPS position changes.

Map Marker Legend

Map markers are coloured according to their "Level", which is a broad category used to group equipment by power levels. Not every charging location has this information available.

Unknown Level
Level 1 - Very low power
Level 2 - Low to medium power
Level 3 - High power (Rapid)

Adding Information

Open Charge Map is a community run effort to provide as much detailed information as possible about charging locations globally. If you think an addition or update is required we want you to be the one to provide the information. You can do this either while you are charging at the location or when you have time later.

Everything you submit is shared openly and publically for others to see and use.

Sign In

We recommend you Sign In to Open Charge Map (from the menu) before adding or editing information, this helps us attribute the changes to you and is required for certain actions.

Sign In currently requires either a Twitter, Google/Gmail or Facebook account to verify your credentials.

Comments and Check-Ins

Adding a Comment or a Check-In helps other users when they look at the same charging location later.

Telling people about a good or bad experience whilst using the equipment can be invaluable when others are planning their journey.

You can add a simple 'Check-In' without a comment just to update others on the status of the equipment. Alternatively you can also add a comment to describe how you got on in detail. Whilst you can note errors in the information, edits are preferred if you know what changes should be made (see below).


Adding a photo for a location provides invaluable information for other users who can see the state of the equipment and get an idea of how to identify it.

If possible please enable GPS location for images on your phone before taking the photo you want to upload. In the future we may use that information to help correct the equipment location.

Edit Location

Instead of commenting when you see information that's not accurate you can directly edit the listing yourself. You can access the Edit option when you are viewing the full details of a location. You can change the address, update the map marker position and add/edit the Equipment Details (including which Network Operator runs the equipment).

Add Location

If you find that a location you know about is not listed then you should go ahead and submit the location and equipment details yourself. These submissions are then reviewed by Open Charge Map editors and appear for everyone once they have been approved.

You should not submit details about a private residence such as your own home as all of the charging location information submitted to Open Charge Map is shared publically and openly in a manner which is not appropriate for private residences (distribution of the information is not controlled or protected). If you wish to share the charging at your home with members of the public you should check out other third party services which provide that functionality.

Open Charge Map 5.2.7_20151008

OCM Logo Open Charge Map is the world's largest open global registry of electric vehicle charging locations, dedicated to providing the most complete and open information possible.

You can use this app to find charging equipment locations near you, provide ratings and comments and to submit details of locations we don't currently have.

Please send us your feedback & comments. You can read more about the project at http://openchargemap.org.

Privacy Notice: This application may need to use and process your location as provided by you or your device, this information may be temporarily logged in some instances. To prevent sharing your location you may disable Location Services on your device. In addition, as this application is based around open sharing of information, comments or information submitted by you will be made public, however your own location is not shared publically. If you have questions, contact us.

Terms and Conditions Use of this application requires acceptance of the terms and conditions detailed at: Terms and Conditions


Data supplied to you by openchargemap.org is derived from various public sources and data contributions and is supplied to end users without warranty. Data supplied by Open Charge Map users is redistributed under the Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 License. Data from other public sources is distributed under the license/terms stated per each Data Provider.

Original Open Charge Map Concept & Server Hosting: Zero Carbon World

Data Providers

Project Contributors

Software Development

Database, API and Web/Mobile App development led by Christopher Cook of Webprofusion Ltd, operator of electriccarbuyer.com.
The source code for this app and all system components is available on GitHub including a list of recent contributors.


User interface translations are supplied by the OCM community, please contribute your own translations using our webtranslateit project.

Open Source Libraries & Frameworks

Open Charge Map API, jQuery + jQuery.History + jQuery.fastClick, SwipeBox, BootBox, https://github.com/jdarling/Object.observe, Twitter Bootstrap, FontAwesome, LeafletJS + Open Street Map, Google Maps, ASP.NET MVC, TypeScript, NuGet, NodeJS, Inkscape, Jake, Grunt, Roboto Fonts, Phonegap/Apache Cordova, Google Maps Cordova Plugin (https://github.com/wf9a5m75/phonegap-googlemaps-plugin)

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Add Comment

Please share your experience with this location. Your comment will be distributed publically.

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Add Photo

Upload your own photos for this location

This information will be shared publically.


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Additional Information
 Add/Edit Location

Add/Edit Location

Please provide as much detail as you can about the charging location. Please do not submit private residences (such as your home) as this data will be made public:

Location Details

If you know the Latitude and Longitude of this location please provide it here, otherwise we will try to look it up for you:

The exact position of the charging equipment will be recorded as it is on the map below. Please drag the map marker below to the correct position:

General Equipment/Service Info

Before delisting a location as a Duplicate, ensure you are not removing the listing with the most complete information, photos or useful comments.

Equipment Info


You have no favourite locations set. To add or remove a favourite, tap the icon when viewing a location.

Send Feedback

We'd like to hear your feedback about our application and services, the form below is for general comments and feedback not related to a specific location. Note that you can also submit comments against individual charge points on their details page and send us details of new locations.

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The following filters reduce the amount of results returned, so use these if you have too many results when searching. Note: You must uncheck the (All) option for the filter to take effect.

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