Accessing and using Open Charge Map

Use of the services and data hosted by us is subject to the following terms (updated 22/03/2014):
  • Data supplied by is derived from a wide variety of public sources and contributions. We accept no liability for the accuracy of this data and provide no assurances.
  • Data contributed to us by our users which we then redistribute is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. We are transitioning over to the Open Database License (ODbL) for our user-contributed data, so please ensure you also agree with those license terms.
  • Data imported from 3rd party Data Providers is copyright the original Data Provider in each case and is not provided under the same terms as the user-contributed data detailed above.
  • We will respond promptly to any DMCA or equivalent copyright protection request, please use our Contact page to lodge these requests, detailing the exact infringing items.
  • Use of our API or data in an application or service requires that the appropriate Data Provider attribution be provided in a way which is visible the end user.
  • By submitting data to us you are certifying that you are the originator of the data and have not copied any information which is subject to the copyright of another organisation or individual, or you are certifying that you have the authority to submit this information to us under the terms stated here.
Creative Commons Licence

Widgets for your own sites

As an easy way to contribute and use OCM data, we have some components you can embed on your own website using HTML and javascript:

Examples sites and apps using OCM data and services

We've put together a partial list of apps and sites using Open Charge Map data and services. Please contact us if you want to see your site, app or service added to this list.

Data Consumer API

If you wish to export charging location data into your own systems or applications the most flexible way is to use our API, which provides an export in a variety of formats.

Data returned by the API has mixed licensing and applicable copyright attribution (included in results as "Data Provider"). If you require Open data you must filter by dataproviderid=1 to return only original OCM data.

API V2 (updated March 2014) - Please join the discussion forum to discuss development.

Service Base URL:

Example API Calls:

Return charging location information for the US in JSON format, limited to the first 100 results:

Return KML format results suitable for viewing in google earth/maps etc (UK, max 500 locations):

Service Parameters:

Parameter Description Default
action /poi/ : returns list of charging locations matching criteria using parameters specified below.
/referencedata/ (JSON only) : returns core reference data lists such as UsageTypes, ConnectionTypes etc.
output json, xml, kml JSON format is recommended as highest fidelity json
maxresults limit on max number of results returned 100
countrycode GB, US etc ISO Country Code. (blank)
latitude latitude reference for distance calculation (blank)
longitude longitude reference for distance calculation (blank)
distance return results based on specified distance from specified latitude/longitude (blank)
distanceunit Miles or KM Miles
operatorid exact match on a given EVSE operator id (comma separated list) (blank)
connectiontypeid exact match on a given connection type id (comma separated list) (blank)
countryid exact match on a given country id (comma separated list) (blank)
levelid exact match on a given charging level (1-3) id (comma separated list) (blank)
usagetypeid exact match on a given usage type id (comma separated list) (blank)
statustypeid exact match on a given status type id (comma separated list) (blank)
dataproviderid exact match on a given data provider id id (comma separated list). Use dataproviderid=1 for only OCM provided ("Open") data. (blank)
includecomments true or false. Set to true to include user comments per charging location. false
verbose true or false. Set to true to get a smaller result set with null items removed. true
callback specify the name of the JSONP callback (if required), JSON response type only. (blank)

Direct database access via OData

In addition to the above services there is a read only OData service for browsing our database directly at which is provided for direct programmatic access to our live database. The advantage of this is it provides an output which very closely matches our internal database structure so no data is lost in translation. You can view this data using a number of free OData browser tools including: Sesame Data Browser (beta) (external link)